The Pinelli name can be traced to the region around the city of Bologna. Our distinctive heraldry dates from the feudal states of the Roman Empire.


Loaded with symbolism (the use of six elements echoes the sides of a cube and the points of the Star of David), the striking Pineapples are a visual pun of the name.


In fact, the Pinelli name has many name derivatives – Pinon, Pino, Panetta and Pineda to name but a few – but each one reflects the pine link.


Traditionally, when used with red, the heraldic crest oozes the sentiments of patriotism and charity. Nobly, it also represents one who is ‘obliged to right wrongs’.


Whilst it helps to define The Pinelli Estate crest, there is clearly no wrong to be righted here. And quite why the Pineapples are upside down is anybody’s guess, but we love its quirky eccentricity.


As with many translations, something can be lost along the way. A little of that happens when you literally translate the Italian ‘Magari’.


It is probably closest to ‘Maybe’, but also chimes with ‘If only’ or perhaps “I wish’.


It was our inspiration for The Pinelli Estate.


We thought ‘why maybe’? Let’s make this happen.


We were enchanted from the moment we descended the drive . . .

Pinelli_ancient arms_bw.png